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Advocate for Parents of Children with Mental Illness

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Memoir Expected Late 2024

Searching for Slippers

Check out an excerpt from Stacy’s upcoming memoir.

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Stay tuned for presales beginning Fall 2024

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Giving Voice to Parents of Children with Mental Illness

Stacy Ross is an author, speaker, and mother of a child/adult with mental illness. With raw honesty, Stacy openly shares her twenty-seven-year journey hoping to start a discussion that will help others feel validated, and less isolated.

Stacy gives voice to and creates a community for parents who are often battling it out alone. She empowers them with coping skills and resources. Stacy is currently penning a memoir, Searching for Slippers, expected late 2024.

Stacy's Story

After 30 years of professional experience in marketing and promotions, Stacy stepped away from her consulting business in 2020 and began to write full-time. Two years later, Inspired Girl Publishing Group agreed to publish her memoir. Shortly thereafter, Stacy told her story publicly for the first time on the Cornell University Alumni podcast, Cornell Thank U.

The overwhelming response from those with similar experiences convinced Stacy she had touched a nerve. Today, Stacy speaks in all sizes of venues, to various-sized audiences, determined to continue giving voice to parents and caregivers of children with mental illness.

Signature Topics

Stacy speaks on a variety of topics that are relevant to parents and caregivers of children and adults with mental illness.

  • Healing Through Honesty
  • Acceptance & Forgiveness
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Coping Skills for Heightened Stress
  • Finding Support & Community
  • Navigating Resources
  • Yoga and Meditation

Praise for Stacy

"Stacy’s episode was our most popular due to her honesty and relatability. Her story is the perfect mix of reality and hope. She’s brilliant."
- Michelle Katz & Stephanie Gitlin Hosts, Cornell (thank) U podcast
"I was mesmerized by Stacy’s honesty, bravery, and how she beautifully articulated her family’s journey."
- Gail Baer Chief Philanthropy Officer, Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix
"Stacy Ross’ podcast, Mom Boss Chronicles, about her upcoming book, Searching for Slippers, is beyond powerful. She shares an incredibly painful and challenging journey with heartfelt emotion. Stacy eloquently describes the real struggles resonating with so many families who have a child with mental illness."
- Karin Berger Sadow MD, Chief Medical Officer, PM Pediatric
"I so enjoyed hearing Stacy speak to and make meaning of her experience. As a clinician, when Stacy specifically identified the impact of mental health professionals she has worked with, it helped justify why we do what we do."
- Jennifer Weber PsyD, EdM, SM Licensed Psychologist Director, Behavioral Health at PM Pediatric Care
"Stacy's journey as a mother and author is full of inspiration, and it's a story that needs to be heard. The honesty and advice she shares about her experience really resonates with so many!"
- Shannon Russell Career Coach & Host of Second Success Podcast
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Contributor to

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Journey of a Lifetime.

Reboot Your Life: 101 Stories about Finding a New Path to Happiness.

Upcoming Events

“Friendly Feud” Game Night at The Seafarer

July 10th, 2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Details: All are welcome!! Join me as I host a fun game night. Come ready to participate as either a team or audience member.

Family Support Group Moderator (MHA NJ)

July 17th, 2024
7:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Details: Mental Health Association of NJ monthly support group for families

Caring For Children & Adults With Mental Illness

March 30th, 2025
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Details: Presentation and Discussion. Hosted by NCJW at Valencia Shores

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